Under The Hot Lights

On Stage Performance Coaching For Musicians

Under The Hot Lights

To be able to play our instruments magnificently in public delivering the best performances possible is the ultimate goal we all wish to achieve. Often when performing under pressure, our carefully thought out and rehearsed performances don’t always to according to plan. Mistakes never made before can knock us off track and recovery can be difficult. Having a quiet concentrated and focused mind under the hot lights whilst being able to let go of self doubt and anxiety, is just as much an art as playing your instrument.


On Stage Performance Coaching

On Stage Performance Coaching is specifically designed to teach you the essential skills needed to perform under pressure in order to deliver a peak performance time after time. Never again find yourself in the position of performing once brilliantly and then never being able to replicate it again. Once you understand the skills needed, you will have the tools to always deliver a 24 carat performance.

Why Am I Qualified to Teach This Material?

I’ve been a professional Cellist for over thirty years. I’ve spent years playing under the hot lights, in front of audition panels and in front of huge audiences.

Today I spend my time running a very successful teaching and coaching practice for musicians as well as performing on stage in the public eye.

I realised early on in my career that the pressure of performing in public could make or break the most brilliant of musicians career if they weren’t mentally prepared. I began researching the psychology and habits of successful athletes and entrepreneurs. They all had the same mind-set and used it in a specific way to win in their prospective arenas.

I then went on to interview many artists who had suffered with performance stress to learn what coping mechanisms they had in place in order to perform at their best.

After compiling all my research, I developed a coaching program to teach the essential skills needed to be able to perform at a 24 carat level on stage consistently. Performing in public isn't just about being talented, it's about having the mindset to win against adversity.

I delivered my coaching program on a one to one bases and did this for several years until eventually, I came up with the same problem many coaches have. I had no more space to take on anyone else. I finally bowed down to pressure and re-designed my course making it accessible online for all those performing artists out there who want to fight fear and win.

If you wish to take your performances from a 9 Carat to a 24 Carat level, click the link to find out more.

Under The Hot Lights

On Stage Performance Coaching

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