Preparation for the Big Day

By Angelica | Performance Strategies

Sep 09

There is nothing worse than ending a performance wishing you had practiced more or, could have done better. Have you been in a position where mistakes that never happened before materialised or made silly mistakes that could have been avoided?

Set Your Internal SatNav

Every success always starts with an end goal. It's surprising how many performing artists don't have a clear goal in sight. When I've asked the question, "What do you want to get out of this?" I've often been met with a blank stare or a rather vague answer. 


Have a Clear Destination

By having a clear destination where you wish to arrive will set you on a focused path in keeping up motivation and remove procrastination. Without it, you'll be circling around rather lost and the journey will take much longer.

Set Mini Goals

The path to a fantastic outcome may be met with certain obstacles along the way. Setting mini goals is a sure and faster way to achieve your outcome and it can be fun!

The Power of the Pen

Writing rather than typing increases the thought process which is fundamental in achieving success. Get a diary and write down your ultimate end goal and then write down daily, weekly or monthly mini goals. Once you start writing, you'll be surprised how many steps are needed to climb, but it is fun especially when you can check off each mini goal. 

Reward Yourself - The Fun Part

Rewards are a good way in keeping up motivation and increase excitement as you move closer towards your end goal. Make sure the reward is something solid that you can see, rather than a bag of sweets or a bar of chocolate that will disappear in an instant.