Are You Determined To Succeed?

By Angelica | Determination

Jul 21

How Determined are you to Succeed?

Determination is a key factor in delivering a 24 Carat public performance. Many performing artists have a great deal of determination when building up to a performance. Unfortunately, this can quickly dwindle away when facing obstacles along the journey.


Internal Mindset & Determination

Self-confidence, courage, the ability to risk and the fear of rejection are factors that need to be considered and addressed. When we become aware of certain triggers that can knock us off balance, our determination will see us through till the very end.


Are You Determined to Succeed?

Energy Regulation and Resilience is Key

Many performers have spent hours and hours perfecting their performances but under the hot lights strange and unexpected events can happen. Once the mind is fully prepared and ready by implementing basic strategies, performances can go from mediocre to absolutely stunning. Sadly, a lot of performers do not realise this and wonder why their performance level isn’t consistent and are never really happy with the end result.

Are You Determined to Succeed? 

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