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Under The Hot Lights

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You've spent months perfecting your skills, talents and performance for the big day. Rehearsals have gone well and you're ready to go. But, what happens when unexpected hiccups present themselves out of the blue, under the hot lights? 


The Audience

The audience want to hear you and they are routing for you. Do you feel the same way? Walking on stage can be a daunting experience with all sorts of thoughts manifesting in the mind. Learn how to, 'wow,'  the audience with stunning 24 carat performances from beginning to end.


The Applause

You've played the last note or said the last word. The Audience starts to clap as you rise to the applause. Do you feel accomplished or could you have done better? Do you bask in the applause or do you feel like running off stage? 

Mindset Performance Mastery

On Stage Performance Coaching

  • If you've been performing under par and have suffered from stress and anxiety before or during a performance you're not alone. Most musicians have suffered performance stress at one time or another. 
  • On Stage Performance Coaching teaches the essential psychological skills needed, in order to perform to the best of your abilities, enabling you to consistently produce 24 carat performances.
  • The online course is made up of seven interactive modules with thirty four lessons, explanatory videos, audio, exercises, performance surveys and worksheets. 
  • How Does Stress Affect You?
  • Determination
  • Dreams and Goals
  • check
  • Mental Perspective
  • Energy Regulation
  • Resilience

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Learn how to become, "REJECTION PROOF," and skyrocket your On Stage Performances to the top!

Angelica Galea Young 

Having had a professional musical career for over thirty years, I know how daunting it can be having to perform in public especially when the stakes are high. I now dedicate my time to coaching musicians and performing artists to reach their full potential to deliver 24 carat performances consistently.


Join many performing artists that have benefitted from learning the essential psychological skills needed in order to perform well,  under the hot lights.